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Google Glass in de OK

On Monday 28th of October 2013, the first operation for abdominal surgery using 'GoogleGlass' was simultaneously livestreamed to the Congress 'Games for Health Europe' ánd live to YouTube. This was a worldwide première.

This was also the first successful Glass-to-Glass collaboration between two Google Glass wearing surgeons. Prof. dr. Marlies P. Schijven MD PhD MHSc was performing live surgery -a Toupet fundoplication- from the operating room in Amsterdam UMC location AMC, the Netherlands and Dr. Raphael Grossmann MD, FACS streamed his Google Glass vision to the audience at the Congress. The two surgeons were in direct contact; both wearing their respective Google Glasses. Simultaneously, the video of the Google Glass of Dr. Schijven performing live laparoscopic surgery was broadcasted live to the public audience on YouTube.

The project was a joint collaboration between performing GoogleGlassSurgeon prof. dr. Marlies P.Schijven, UReason, Droiders, and collaborating surgeon dr. Raphael Grossmann.
It is the first of a series of projects of our team evaluating the use of Google Glass in surgery and for the medical professional.

Draadloze controle in de OK door gebruik van TedCas Myo

On Tursday Feb 12th 2015, the first surgery using GoogleGlass in combination with Olympus 3D imaging took place. Simultaneously, the Olympus Endosuite was fully controlled using the MYO gesture controlled bracelet. 


The project was a joint collaboration between performing GoogleGlassSurgeon dr. Marlies P.Schijven, TedCas (Thalmic Labs) and Olympus the Netherlands.

Our team at the Academic Medical Center in Amsterdam is evaluating the use of wearables in surgery and for the medical professional.
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